5 Ideas to Attract Customers Locally

On one of those days when you’ve been open two hours without a single shopper walking through the door, how can you turn things around? Try these Ideas to Attract Customers Locally.

Idea #1 – Take advantage of your current customers.

Not literally! Don’t scare your current customers away by being over-eager. Prospects, like most people, can smell desperation. Try engaging with them in a positive manner. Offer them a complimentary service then ask them to leave you a review! It’s a win-win for both of you!

Idea #2 – Offer a sale.

People are attracted to sales, especially if it’s one that seems as if it’s “buy or die”. A “Limited-time Only” sale would fit perfectly. Make sure your prospects or potential clients are aware of this urgent sale! Email them! Make videos, flyers, & take pictures! The more you promote your sale the more prospects you receive.

Idea #3 – Make it Mobile.

Let’s face it, this is a digital era. Most people are on their phones, tablets or computers. Why not make your services more accessible for your prospects? Apps are one of the best ways to attract local customers! If you own a business & don’t have a website, we suggest you get one asap. How else will people become more aware of your business? ( Click Here to get started with the website of your dreams! )

Idea #4 – Offer something tangible.

Although this is a digital era, most people are susceptible to buy something if they have it in their hands. Make sure you offer a product that they can hold rather than have it digitally. Don’t forget to market them as well!

Idea #5 – Reward them!

Reward your customers! They’re loyal & buying from you! Make them feel appreciated. They are humans like the rest of us & I doubt they would mind a little reward. Besides, I can’t name one time anyone in history has ever complained about feeling appreciated!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you for reading our blog on Ideas to attract customers locally.