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Connect with us to take your business to the next level! Whether you need help with marketing your brand, or you need help with the identity of your brand, we have you covered.

With this simple drag & drop website builder, you can customize & create just about anything. Whether you choose to build from scratch or would rather have the assistance of a ready-to-go template, the possibilities are endless. Bring your business & brand to life with Influx Plus.

Our Services


Web Design & Development Services

  • Build Your Own
  • Website Installations & Integrations
  • Web Hosting
  • Domains

Prints & Designs

  • Logo Creation
  • Flyers
  • Letterhead

Tech Services & Repairs

  • Screen Repairs
  • Battery Replacement
  • Virus & Scan Removal


Mobile Friendly

IP’s mobile optimization ability adjusts the website content while accessing the site. The benefits of optimized content is to distinguish desktop & mobile experiences providing all visitors navigation with ease and optimal visual impact.

Sell Your Products

Here with IP, you have the ability to build stunning web pages & funnels. These will prompt your traffic in a user friendly way to navigate your site through to the sales process. Easily converting your visitors into paying customers with just the click of a button; every IP site launcher will know how to add simple “1 click upsells” to increase your revenue.

Blogging Creation

Have the ability to share your experiences with the world! Not just blogging, as you can create amazing stories on just about everything & anything. Like Personal Finance, Health and Fitness, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Personal Development.

Seamless Dashboard

Being able to manage all your sites in one place is an excellent way to keep things simple and efficient. After all, it’s easier to go to only one place to handle changes rather than many separate ones

Innovative. Creative. Total Design Freedom.

Make Your Business REAL With a Website

Other Services

Unlock Carrier

Get your phone unlocked to be able to use any carrier!

WordPress Installation

Quick install & once we’re done installing you’ll have full control of WordPress.

Business Cards

Work with our IE Designers to create a business card design that’ll blow you away.

Windows 10 Update/Repair

Did your computer or laptop get stuck on an update? Does your screen stay black after booting up? Then you most likely need a windowsupdate or repair. Let our IE techs handle the job. 

cPanel Installation

Quick install & once we’re done installing you’ll have full control of cPanel.

Email Signature

Let us design your email signature to show your client’s that you’re a professional ready to take on any project. 

Virus Scan & Removal

Is your computer running slow or glitches? You probably need a virus scan & removal where we scan & remove any malware to enhance the pc performance.

Website Migration

Fast migration & once we’re done migrating your site you’ll have full control of it

Brand Guide

Let us create your personal reference tool that helps maintain consistency & give clarity in what a brand looks, feels and sounds like.

Our Website Hosting Plans

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