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What is Influx Plus?

Influx Plus (IP) is an easy-to-use website builder, designed for entrepreneurs to create personalized web pages that suit their business needs. Influx+ provides you with more than just a website,  you have the power to create without boundaries. 

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Influx Plus

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Website VS Sales Funnel


A website is a central location of various web pages. Website traffic is managed by its creator to determine flow.

A website is one or several pages on the Internet. The pages of one website are integrated under a domain name, have a common theme and website design. The page with the Google search results in, the page with the video on YouTube, your Facebook page – all these pages are parts of the websites of the same name.

People and companies create websites for different purposes:


  • selling products and services,
  • posting and finding information on the Web,
  • gaining knowledge,
  • communicating with each other,
  • having fun, etc.

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a marketing tool used to intentionally drive traffic through a step-by-step process to facilitate potential customers towards purchasing a product and/or service.

The idea behind this tactic is critical for conversion and gaining a competitive edge over other businesses in your niche.

Influx Plus

Create simple web pages with the IP platform that will help to capture, build and nurture qualifying leads on the path to eventually purchasing a product or service.

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Influx Plus Benefits

Brand Creation

Building a brand is crucial to separate yourself from the rest of your competition. One of the biggest reasons to use Influx Plus is branding. Luckily, branding is another aspect made easy by Influx Plus.


Create Your Brand |  Learn More

Influx Plus

The new IP Builder experience brings the power of the Visual Builder into the back end, giving you a familiar interface along with all of the great new features that were previously only available in Influx Plus


Start Building Today |  Learn More

Blogging Network

Not just Blogging as you will Create amazing stories, eCommerce Review blog, How to Make Money, Personal Finance, Health and Fitness, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Personal Development.


Start Blogging Today |  Learn More

Seamless Dashboard

Being able to manage all your sites in one place is an excellent way to keep things simple and efficient. After all, it’s easier to go to only one place to handle changes rather than many separate ones

Start Building Today |  Learn More

Built-In Mobile Optimization

You can easily set the colors, choose a font and set it to default or even set the overall look and feel of your blog to fit the brand you have in mind. A true Mobile Experience.


Start Building Today |  Learn More


Simple Drag and Drop Editor

Create Web Pages & Build Sales Funnels That Convert!

Optimized Shopping Cart

Organized Website Dashboard

Generate Leads Daily

Create simple web pages with the IP platform that will help to capture, build and nurture qualifying leads on the path to eventually purchasing a product or service.

Sell Your Products

Here with IP, you have the ability to build stunning web pages & funnels. These will prompt your traffic in a user friendly way to navigate your site through to the sales process. Easily converting your visitors into paying customers with just the click of a button; every IP site launcher will know how to add simple “1 click upsells” to increase your revenue.

Mobile Friendly

IP’s mobile optimization ability adjusts the website content while accessing the site. The benefits of optimized content is to distinguish desktop & mobile experiences providing all visitors navigation with ease and optimal visual impact.

Custom Installations & Integrations

Work With A Skilled IE Developer

Q: What is the main benefit when using IE’s Installation & Integration Service?

A: Everything is integrated properly by a skilled IE Dev. Think of our custom installations & integration as your silent partner; it runs smoothly & effectively in the background.

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