Help My Blog has Been Hacked!


In many circles of people I hang out with I have heard people saying “Google has blocked my blog, I think my Blog has been hacked.”  If you are one of those unfortunate people whose blog has been hacked, I have some good new and some bad news for you.

My blog has been hacked, what is good about that?

To put it simply the reason is is good your blog has been hacked is that you are able to see some of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your blog site.  I had a really good friend whose website had been hacked and it literally took her days to figure out what the reason was being the hacking of her blog.  But during this frustration, she learned so much about the difference options for security and was to protect again further hacking.  Plus, she was able to find out about other alternative sites available to prevent further hacking and also put her blog in another place which is hacker free (so far)


My blog has been hacked, what is the bad news?

If your blog has been hacked, unfortunately you will have to wait for Google or other sites to let it be visible again to the spiders and the SEO components of Google.  Google does not like the hackers hiding codes inside of your website and so Google will not recognize your site.  That can be a problem because you will not even know the hackers have gone in and put those codes in your site.  In a sense Google will shut you done and you will not get the exposure to your site you need to run your business.  I heard this can be a long draw out process to get yourself back in good graces with Google.


My blog has been hacked, what can I do?

If your blog has been hacked I would suggest you open a blog site with a secure blogging platform that will also help you optimize and generate traffic to your blog.  Many of these blogging platforms can be integrated into your personal blog, so you can get the traffic from the blog with tons of traffic and reference it to your blog site.  One such blogging platform I use is Influx Entrepreneur.  Influx Entrepreneur was recently started in February 2012,  the Alexa rating for Influx Entrerpreneur has gone from being in the millions to being 96,130.  Pretty impressive?  Not to mention, Influx Entrepreneur has an amazing Academy which will help any novice in blogging get all the tools needed to go out and optimize their own personal website as well as the Influx Entrepreneur website.  What more could you ask for?  In the video below I will discuss how Influx Entrepreneur can help make a difference when your blog has been hacked.




Even though your blog has been hacked, you can still save face on the internet.

It is not the end of the world when your blog has been hacked, look at some of the ideas presented in this post and see if you can prevent any further hacking to your website.


Wendy Elwell, Work With Wendy Elwell

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