How to Use Ladders on Facebook to Get More Fans!


I stumbled upon this unique way to grow your fan base on Facebook, and it is something they call using Ladders to increase your likes to you Facebook Fan page.  Now, I know a lot of people who have used the ladder concept on their fan pages, but I really did not know that such a concept is out there as a form to exclusively grow people’s followings on their fan pages.  Now the way it works on these Fan pages is rather interesting and it is really getting a lot of likes for people who have been struggling to get social proof out there, or who really don’t have the money to create a Fan Page PPC ad to attract people to their fan page.  I will show you in my video how these Facebook Ladders work.


There are Many Different Fan Pages with Ladders on Facebook to Get More Fans!

Using Ladders on Facebook Fan pages is a hot way to increase your likes.  I was amazed at all the different Fan Pages I saw where the Ladders on Facebook was the whole concept for the fan page.  I believe a few I saw were

Around the Lemonade Stand

Promote My Business

How to Use Ladders on Facebook to Get More Fans!


Fan Ladder


Pretty cool concept, not sure how it will really help you increase your social media presence, but people always seem to want to visit fan pages with a lot more followers.  Try it out, and see if you like the “Ladders” on Facebook to add more proof to your fan page!


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