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Frequently Asked Question

What services do you offer?

We offer full-stack development services, including but not limited to:

  • Web Design
  • Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Mobile Optimization
  • IT Services
  • Marketing Materials
  • Web Solutions
What is Influx Entrepreneur?

We are a full-stack development company that specializes in multiple aspects of the web & IT world. Our primary focus is to provide solutions to everyday entrepreneurs & aim to give a fast & effective customer experience. 

How do i get started?

Do you know what service you need from us? If not, please click the “Start Here” button. If you do, please don’t hesitate to call us or choose a service & continue to your shopping cart. 

What kind of Phones do you repair?

We repair only iPhones & iPads.

iPhone Models: 

  • iPhone 6 
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S 
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7 
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 
  • iPhone 8 Plus 

iPad Models: 

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
Are there any payment plans?

Yes, we offer serval customized payment plans. If you are interested, please call & speak to a customer care agent today! If you are currently a customer, request a financial evaluation today!

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