6 Day Mini Bootcamp

Day 1

Welcome to Influx Plus

Create your own ideas online in just a few clicks.

Watch 6 day videos BootCamp below

After you sign up, the first thing you should do is go through your website. Please watch this simple tutorial on how to navigate through your site.

We’ve Got You Covered

Choose your design

The first steps are to pick your website’s design.

Pick a Plan

The next thing you need to do is pick a plan.

Start Customizing

All there is left to do, is to start customizing your site.

Completed Website

Once you are done customizing, your website is complete!

Day 2

Customize Your Pages

Now it’s time to customize your pages. Watch these simple tutorials on how to customize your pages.

1. Edit your text

2. Add a new page

3. Customize a button

4. Add an email opt-in

5. Customize pricing table

6. Customize a toggle

7. Change the background color

8. Set up a funnel

9. Use a template

Day 3

Customize and add products

You will need to edit the products to your liking. Add all the products that you offer to your website.

Day 4

SEO Your Pages

You will need to SEO your pages to increase traffic to your website.

Day 5

Additional Setup

Here are some more videos that you can use to finish setting up your site

1. Create a menu

2. Set your homepage

3. Add a global header

4. Add a live chat

5. Add a footer

6. Create a contact page

Day 6

Set up your payment gateway

You will need to set up your payment gateway in order to get paid from your website.

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